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Special Projects

We realize that not every project fits neatly into a construction service category. Our special projects group works with clients on special construction projects of all types to suit their unique requirements.
We created a Special Projects Group in 2001 specifically to respond to unique construction challenges that might not be ideal for traditional large construction management companies. This specialized group offers the vast construction experience, purchasing power, and financial backing of AGC Construction while focusing on projects from $5 thousand to $5 million in Vermont. Their approach to projects is that of a small, dedicated builder and is supported by a core team of carpenters, equipment operators, concrete finishers, riggers, and mechanical pipefitters — many of whom have over 20 years of employment history with the company.
In addition to AGC Construction’s primary markets, our Special Projects team services many other types of specialized construction projects, including hydroelectric facility maintenance, CHP systems, utility maintenance and emergency response expertise. We have the experience, capability and people to perform work in nearly any division of work and under any contract structure. Email us about your project or to inquire about our Special Projects services.